How do I set up a static site + backend?

First time Linode user. I'm trying to set up a simple website, with pocketbase running as the backend on a linode and the static files being hosted on an object storage bucket. I also purchased a domain from google domains, let's say
I would like to serve the website at, while the backend should be reachable at

For the backend, I created an A record inside the domain that points from the hostname "backend.myproject" to the IP of my linode. However, when launching pocketbase I get the following error: listen tcp: lookup on no such host which looks to me like an error in identifying the address on the linode DNS.

For the website, I created a CNAME record with Hostname = "myproject" and "Aliases To" = "${storage_bucket_name}". Is this correct? Could I create a record with Hostname = '@' and just have a static site at the domain's URL?

Sorry for the stream of questions, but the setup of what I thought was a simple process hasn't been simple at all, and the guides didn't really help me out.

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Looking over the issues on the GitHub repo for PocketBase, this issue has been reported before. According to the answer there,

You could try starting the application with instead of the default localhost, eg.:

pocketbase.exe serve --http="

Once you've started PocketBase with this option, you should be up and running.

CNAME Record
Based on the static website configuration documentation, and the documentation regarding custom domain names and Object Storage, you will need to have a subdomain (in this case, myproject) configured to correctly redirect traffic to your bucket.


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