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How does billing work for resources with usage less than a hour?

I'm using the Linode API to scale my servers according to the traffic. Most of the scaled linodes won't last for more than an hour.

So how would billing work in this case or cases with partial hourly usage (e.g. 2.5 hours usage)?

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Billing for service usage is always is always rounded up to the nearest hour. We have several useful guides in our Billing Documentation, but this specifically is mentioned in our explanation of How Billing Works.

Let's say you were using a Dedicated 96 GB plan as an example. After the upcoming price increase, the hourly cost for that plan will be $1.30, plus any applicable taxes for your location.

If you were to deploy that service for any amount of time under an hour, you'd pay $1.30 before taxes. If you deployed it for 2.5 hours, the hours used would be rounded to 3, so the before tax price would be $3.90.

Don't forget, services that are powered off still accrue charges, so make sure you take necessary steps to remove services if your goal is to stop further billing.

Oh okay, got it. Thanks!


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