How do i stream 24/7 without buffering?


I would like to stream multiple videos on my YouTube channels without buffering…

I tried it today and it buffered immediately when 10 people joined my stream…

I'm the least technical guy so struggling with this.
So I'm unsure what plan would work - My $5 one didn't…

''Your Linode, BeautifulMelodies247, has exceeded the notification threshold (10) for inbound traffic rate by averaging 10.26 Mb/s for the last 2 hours. ''

Please help
Thank you

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Linode Staff

Hey Mo,

Glad to help and answer your questions but to be honest I believe this previously made Community post will answer most if not all of them.

To summarize a little of what's said, a Dedicated CPU is what's recommended when trying to stream videos. It's also worth looking into where your viewers are streaming from and basing which data center to use on that.

I suggest trying AntMedia as it provides a graphical interface showing the system resources currently being use while your stream is playing. If you have a couple people connected to your stream at once, you can look into the the resources to see which is being used the most and determine which plan works best based on that. One thing to note is the Community version does have limitations in place while the Enterprise doesn't for a fee.

There's also a very detailed Community post on installing and configuring Antmedia. I believe this to be a good solution if you're newer with the technical side of streaming vids with our platform.

In regards to the notification you received, these are warnings to alert you to your Linode's network usage, and generally they're nothing to worry about unless something looks abnormal. They are alerts to primarily help you to recognize unexpected behavior as it's happening. The bandwidth that your Linode has available to it is dictated by the size of its plan. Those limits were set to default values when the Linode was first deployed, so you might just need to adjust them to fit your workflow. The link below can show you how to adjust those values through your Cloud Manager.

Always feel free to open a ticket too asking this question as we'll be able to take a look at your Linode and it's usage and make suggestions based on that as well.

Hope this helps!

-- Zander


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