Plans for Older Data Centres

It's amazing to see all the new data centres (in beta) rolling out with latest hardware (I spun up a Nanode in Miami and it had a 3rd-gen AMD EPYC!)

Are there any plans to refresh the older data centres, like London?

I'm on a first-gen EPYC (Dedicated CPU) at the moment so not too fussed on CPU, but thinking about them utilising the wider Akamai network.

Also, object storage in London has been coming for a while now*, but is still non-existent, so it's somewhat disappointing to see the new DC builds getting this before the existing ones.

(*) Source: (June 16, 2021)

Leveling up our network and fleet to ensure all products are available globally in every data center

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We appreciate your keen interest in our data center infrastructure and the questions you've raised. Let's address your concerns one by one:

1. Hardware Refresh for Older Data Centers:

We understand the importance of keeping our data center infrastructure up to date. Hardware in older data centers is regularly decommissioned and replaced as part of our ongoing infrastructure improvements. This process helps us ensure the reliability, security, and performance of our services.

As you rightly pointed out, our new data centers, like the one in Miami, are built from the ground up with the latest technology, such as the 3rd-gen AMD EPYC CPUs. These new centers serve as the forefront of innovation and showcase our commitment to offering the best hardware to our users.

However, it's important to note that as time progresses, the latest and greatest hardware may become limited to our Premium compute plans. We strive to strike a balance between offering cutting-edge technology and maintaining accessible pricing for all our users.

2. Networking Upgrades in London:

We're pleased to inform you that the London data center has recently undergone significant networking upgrades. These improvements have introduced features like VLANs and IP Sharing. For more detailed information on these upgrades, you can refer to the article provided here: Changes Related to Network Infrastructure Upgrades.

3. Object Storage in London:

We understand your anticipation for Object Storage availability in London. Currently, Object Storage is available nearby in Frankfurt. While we don't have a specific ETA for its introduction in London, I want to assure you that our goal is to offer all core compute services in all core sites. Here's a map of our current and anticipated compute sites: Akamai Cloud Global Network.

We continuously assess user demand and prioritize our service expansions accordingly. Your feedback is valuable to us in shaping our future offerings.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for sharing your insights. We're committed to improving and expanding our services to meet your evolving needs. If you have any more questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them below. Your feedback helps us provide a better experience for all of our users.


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