Minecraft erro

Erro no servidor Minecraft

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In general, if an expected port is not open, either:

  • The application/service is mapped to an alternate port
  • The application/service responsible for listening on that port is not running

One of the easiest ways to get a Minecraft server up and running is to deploy from our Marketplace Image and follow the configuration steps detailed in our guide:

Alternatively, we have a guide that details how you can create a server from scratch, update the server, and modify other Linode/server parameters for security and Minecraft server admin abilities:

It's also possible that Firewall rules may be preventing your game client from connecting to the server running on your Linode. Be sure to review these settings by checking out the following guides:

Otherwise, we are happy to help if you can provide more information about the specific issues you are experiencing. The more detailed you are with the steps you have taken, the better suited we will be when offering advice and guidance.


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