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Running a Tor Exit node/Mysterium Node in Linode.


I am very curious about this. I recently created a Mysterium Node with my residential IP address. It is working very well.

But it doesn't satisfy me anymore. I would like to make it to Public so I can have more people freely enjoying the internet.

So my first question is, May I run a Mysterium Node and make it public without myself getting in any trouble? Since the IP address will be a linode machine. Is there any policy in Akamai from preventing me doing that? Or is it friendly?

Second question is, actually very similar to the first one. May I run a Tor Exit node? Will I be in trouble?

I would also be appreciated if you can share the things/precautions you are taking when doing such projects.

I didn't want to start running it right away without asking the community first. Any help would be appreciated.


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We don't have a policy against running Tor Exit Nodes; however, we do recommend using their Reduced Exit Policy which is explained more in this post on our Community Site.

To see what is prohibited on our platform, you can check out our Acceptable Use Policy at anytime.

If at some point you receive a Terms of Service violation ticket on your account, whether related to a Tor Exit Node or another service, be sure to respond promptly to handle any issues that come up.

Thank you for the respond.


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