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I noticed my CPU average has increased of late and there are lots of apache2 processes running now. netstat -a shows a bunch of tor-exit and torrentflame addresses and I suspect someone's using my server without my consent.

Does anyone have any good resources I could use to confirm and/or correct this please?


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Hi Kris,

I did some digging on this and came across the following information that might prove helpful:

Set up a usage policy on your network || Deep packet inspection


The above Reddit thread goes over things like setting up a usage policy on your network, and performing "deep packet inspection". For example:

My opinion is that this isn't a technical issue - it's a policy issue. Make all your users sign a usage policy that explicitly bans the use of file-sharing networks and systems, including BitTorrent, and ensure that appropriate punishments can be enforced should people violate that policy.

Set up a Reduced Exit Policy:

The Tor Project provides firewall options for a reduced exit policy on their site, which "allows as many Internet services as possible while still blocking the majority of TCP ports."



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