Linode wordpress oneclick broken?

Hello I am trying to use linode's oneclick wordpress installation from the marketplace. It worked earlier today. I had to remake the linode and now literally nothing about the oneclick works. Usually it lets me access the wordpresss via the linode IP. It seems it doesn't actually install anything. It doesn't show any network or cpu or disk usage.
I saw another post saying to make a LAMP stack from scratch but I don't think i can do that.

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I deployed a WordPress instance from the Marketplace and filled out all the required fields. I waited 5-10 minutes after installation, and then navigated in my browser's URL address bar to [myipaddress]/wp-admin/ and had no issues.

One of the most frequent issues with any One-Click Applications is that users will frequently try to connect to the application or utilize the software immediately after the compute instance has deployed, but bear in mind that especially for these software stacks (in this case, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) can take some time to download and install all of the dependencies, so if you did not already, try waiting 10 or so minutes after creating the instance before attempting to connect to the WordPress dashboard.

Hope that helps!



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