How do I migrate my sites to my existing Linode using Wordpress Duplicator?

I have four sites hosted at Bluehost. I want to migrate them over to my existing Linode. I'm considering using the wordpress's Duplicator app to do that.

  1. Is that workable? Would UpdraftPlus be a better choice?

  2. I'm confused as to whether there will be problems because I will be (apparently) bringing over core files using Duplicator. And does migrating a number of sites create some unique issues, because isn't there just one set of core files that all site use? Any conflicts with the the Wordpress installation at Linode?

  3. Is there a preferred way to accomplish this, instead of Duplicator? I've heard it said that if I can make a copy for my entire cPanel (which I can do), I could use that to transport my site to Linode. Any truth to that?

  4. Does Linode provide a cPanel for my account.

Although I'm fluent in writing PHP and MySQL, "operating" my server is a challenge for me. I currently have some full-custom sites running on my Linode (for about 8 years) and set up Virtual Hosts in Apache for them. I assume I would need to do the same for my site I'd be being in. I don't have any idea of what else would be required of me to migrate over these websites.

Is there a knowledgable migration service that can do this for me?

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Although I cannot answer to the quality of comparing other Managed Web Hosts, you can definitely transfer existing cPanel websites to Linode. In general, unless you are already running cPanel on your Linode, you should not attempt to install it on an existing server. Doing so can create issues with your server and result in permanent data loss.

If your server is not already running cPanel, I would recommend deploying a new Linode using our Marketplace app:

Once it has finished provisioning (wait at least 15 minutes), you can verify the installation using the following command:

grep -i 'installation complete' /var/log/stackscript.log

Before attempting to migrate any files, I strongly suggest that you backup all website data and attempt to copy that data to your local computer. Now that you have made your data redundant and subsequently more resilient, you can begin migrating your WordPress pages to your Linode:

I'm not familiar with the WordPress Duplicator plugin, but they appear to have a page dedicated to copying websites over to our platform:

Finally, we are not able to provide cPanel unless you are enrolled in our Managed Service program. In addition to the ability to create service monitors and receive free LongView Pro and Backup Service subscriptions, we also offer complementary cPanel licenses.

Please keep in mind this service costs an additional $100 per Linode per month, so it may not be cost effective to enroll just for the license. Otherwise, you can purchase cPanel licenses through their site:

After much thought about migrating sites to Linode, I stepped back to review my goals, not just at the moment, but years down the road. Especially what happens to my customers' websites over the long term; I will be 80 in a few months. I'm exploring ways to engage someone to take over the account.

The problem is finding a person who is capable and willing to take over support with very very little monetary compensation. Linode's stance on support is limited to the issues regarding the server and of course not my applications. When system problems occur, I struggle to deal with them. Any person that would assume ownership of the account would need to be deep into PHP, MySQl, Apache, Linux and all that goes with that.

That means I should host my Wordpress site at a hosting service that specializes in Wordpress and offers a system and technical support at a level that minimizes the technical knowledge one must have beyond Wordpress, plugins and associated application software. I shouldn't have trouble recruiting a person who has a working knowledge of Wordpress. If successful, my business plan will generate sufficient income to interest my successor.

My websites at Linode will be left as-is given their stability. No improvements will be made to them.

Bottom line, I made the decision that I will not be migrating Wordpress sites to Linode.

Thank you very much with your helpful thoughts about how to proceed with migration. Linode is a first class act operation.



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