How do I install cpanel on an existing Linode

I want to install cpanel on an existing Linode so that I can have GUI to file manager, database management and some other functions. Can anyone here help please?

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If it can be avoided, I do not recommend installing cPanel on an existing server. Doing so can cause problems with the installation and your running environment. CPanel typically needs to be installed on fresh Linodes due to the way cPanel handles the version control of all the programs the installation provisions.

I recommend creating a new Linode using either our cPanel marketplace deployment or deploy a fresh Linode and manually install cPanel. For more information about this process, check out these guides:

If you intend to continue using your original IP address from an existing Linode, you can transfer IPv4 addresses. Otherwise, you can then either purchase a new license directly from the cPanel Store or open a ticket with Support if you are enrolled in our Managed Service program.


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