Quick 'n easy Linode dynamic DNS for Python 3

TJ Fontaine's API bindings for Python are Python 2 centric, and I wanted to do dynamic DNS updates via Linode's API in Python 3. The result was this quick 'n dirty script:


In short, if you're looking to update dynamic DNS via Linode's API (i.e., home.yourdomain.com) and you're using Python 3, this might just be the script for you. This ended up being easier than porting TJ's bindings, as his method is fairly complex.

If I get motivated, I might morph this into a full API binding for both Python 2 and 3. If you want something like that, let me know.

As always, $10 discount off the code for fellow Linode users. Enjoy!

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I'm not on the Python 3 bandwagon yet. Much of what I use in Python has not been ported over to Python 3 yet.

I'm fine with just Python 2 bindings, but when I'm ready to switch to 3, I'm sure it'd be nice.


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