Does Linode offer Managed services?

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I would like to have someone at Linode manage my servers. Does Linode offer this?

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Linode offers the Linode Managed subscription:

Linode Managed carries a cost of $100/month per Linode.

This service includes our Linode Backups and our Longview Pro add-on packages. If you use CPanel for your servers, it will also cover the cost of your CPanel licenses for your Linodes.

The marquee feature of Managed is our incident response team. Under Managed, you can set up monitors for your services, and these monitors will alert us if the service experiences downtime. You can also grant the Managed team access to your server via our public key. With this access, our team will login to your Linode and attempt to restart services that have quit unexpectedly.

Our Linode Docs repository has an outline for how you can set up Managed for your account:

Linode Managed

Linode Managed is an account-wide setting, so it applies to every Linode on your account. If you would like to have some managed Linodes and some other unmanaged Linodes, then one option is to create two separate Linode accounts and then have one set as Managed. If you already have all of your Linodes under one account and would like to move some of them to the second account, you can follow this process to account transfer them:

How can I transfer a Linode from one account to another account?

It's important to note that the Linode Managed subscription does not offer assistance with the configuration of your services or the application of maintenance or software updates to your system. If you would like to have this work performed on your behalf, our Linode Professional Services may be able to help:

Can I have Linode configure and update my system for me?

As a Linode Managed customer, you will receive a 20% discount on all Professional Services projects. If you commit to three months of Linode Managed service, then we can also offer a free migration of your existing site to Linode from another host. This free migration is carried out by the Pro Services team.


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