Which Linode plan should I use for my application?

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I'm setting up my application on Linode, but I'm not sure which plan is right. Which one should I use?

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Without detailed information about the application, it's hard to say which is the most appropriate plan. Having said that, we recommend starting with a smaller plan and then resizing upwards if you discover that you need more resources:

How do I resize my Linode?

For example, let's say that you're setting up a website and you know that the website's database is 40GB in size. If you look up the plans on our Linode Pricing page, you'll see that the Linode 1GB and Linode 2GB plans offer 20GB and 30GB of SSD storage, respectively. This is not enough disk space for your database. The Linode 4GB plan offers 48GB of disk space, which is enough to fit your database.

This means that you can try setting up a Linode 4GB to start. You can then perform some stress-testing of your site to see if that plan is able to handle the number of requests you think you'll get. One useful tool for testing a web server is ApacheBench; this will let you create batches of test requests against your website:


If your site runs out of memory or uses all of its CPU capacity during your testing, you can then upgrade your Linode plan.


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