Does Linode support hyper threading?

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Does the server my Linode runs on support hyper threading?

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Our hosts currently use a virtualization technology called KVM, and your Linode runs as a 'guest' on that host alongside other Linodes. Your Linode is provided with a number of virtual CPU cores according to which plan you choose:

Linode Pricing

These virtual CPU cores are not associated with a specific physical CPU core, and your processes can be scheduled on any of the physical host's CPU cores when they are run.

Hyper-threading is a technology from Intel that allows a single physical CPU core to run instructions from two different processes in the same clock cycle. In other words, with Hyper-threading a physical CPU core can be broken down into two logical cores.

Neither the physical CPU cores nor the logical cores correspond directly with your Linode's virtual CPU cores. The processes of a KVM guest (aka your Linode) can be run on both CPUs that have Hyper-threading enabled and also ones that don't have it enabled.

Linode does not disclose whether our hosts have Hyper-threading enabled, and this option is transparent to your server. When deciding on which Linode plans to use, you should base your decisions around how many virtual CPU cores they need, and we will take care of the lower-level details.


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