How can I set up a LAMP/LEMP stack on my Linode?

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I want to host a website using a web server, PHP, and MySQL but I am not sure where to start. Can anyone help me out?

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A great place to start would be in our Docs library -- we've got plenty of guides that will walk you through installing either a LAMP (Apache/PHP/MySQL) or a LEMP (Nginx/PHP/MySQL) stack on your Linode. Here's a few of the most common:

How to setup LAMP on CentOS 7
How to install a LAMP stack on Ubuntu 16.04

How to Install a LEMP Stack on CentOS 7 with FastCGI
How to install a LEMP Stack on Ubuntu 16.04

Don't forget to secure your server!

I also wanted to add that now you can also deploy a LAMP stack on Linode using the LAMP Stack One-Click App or the lamp_stack() function in the updated StackScript Bash Library.

LEMP is mostly recognized as better performance these days and easier to scale, esp. if you have only one website on the server.

I think Linode's LEMP script are decent, but not very optimized. Their LAMP script is okay if you absolutely need Apache. Many people don't realize that Nginx works perfectly without the Apache backend, esp. if you only have a single (high traffic?) website.

See my answer here. Third party (FOSS) scripts like SlickStack, EasyEngine, WordOps, Webinoly, work great for WordPress on Linode. EE is using Docker, SS and Webinoly are Bash-only (very lightweight/secure) and WordOps is a bit heavier and requires Python (also includes a portal software, if you're into that).

For non-WordPress you can go crazy with Centminmod or VPSSIM or check one of the many free Docker playbooks on Github.

The Ubuntu LAMP stack guide linked above has been deprecated. Here is the updated version.


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