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Linode Social Change Grant Program

Linode is committing $100,000 a year to helping socially-conscious, not-for-profit organizations that promote positive social change in the world. Together, we can unite to enable the potential of technology to create lasting impacts.

Linode Social Change Grant Program

Who should apply?

Linode Social Change Grants are open to new or existing not-for-profit organizations with a primary mission of tackling humanitarian issues and working with underserved communities. The grants can be used towards organization websites, information or directories, educational content, or something else - if your organization needs infrastructure, is a (registered or not registered) non-profit, and promotes positive social change.


How does it work?

First, you'll need to apply. The Linode Social Change Grant program is always open and accepting applications. If accepted, we'll contact you via the email address you provided, apply up to $1,000 in credits to be used towards Linode services based on your expected resource requirements, and let you know of any next steps and details of the program. Whether or not your application is accepted, we are committed to getting back to you on next steps, if applicable.

The fine print

  • Grant funds will be available to use for one year following the date of issuance.
  • Six months after funding, grant recipients will be required to provide a mid-point review showing how the funds have been used. At this time, any necessary adjustments will be made for the remaining six months.
  • After the year has passed, grant recipients will be eligible to re-apply for additional funds.
  • Applicants and participants should refer to the Social Change Grant Program Policy.

Apply today

Please apply to the Linode Social Grant Program using the form below. If you're having problems accessing this form, you can submit your information via email to Be sure to include your name, email address, project name, Employer Identification Number, and the amount of funding per year that you're seeking.

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