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Current Version: 1.0
Social Change Grant Program Policy

Last Updated: 26 April 2021
Effective Date: 01 May 2021

Linode is proud to offer a variety of resources to community leaders dedicated to social change via the Linode Social Change Grant Program (“Program”). The purpose of this Program policy (“Policy”) is to inform you on how you may qualify and participate in the Program. By applying for or participating in the Program, you accept and consent to the rights, obligations, and practices described in this Policy:

  1. Applicability. This Policy applies to you and your Representatives (collectively “Grantee”) with respect to (i) Grantee’s application to the Program and (ii) sets forth the procedures, qualifications, and limitations for Grantee’s eligibility and participation in the Program. This Policy is subject to the Terms of Service, including without limitation the Master Services Agreement, Data Processing Addendum, and Acceptable Use Policy. All capitalized terms not expressly defined in this Policy shall have the meaning found in the Master Provider Agreement.
  2. Program Benefits. An eligible Grantee may be awarded some or all of the following benefits (collectively “Grant Benefits”) for a qualifying proposal related to justice, equality, and social change (each a “Project”):

    • Up to $1,000.00 in Linode service credits;
    • Training assistance; or
    • Development aid.

    Linode will have sole discretion in approving Grant Benefits. Service credits awarded pursuant to this Program shall only be redeemable for Linode Services and shall, under no circumstances, be redeemable for monetary value.

  3. Eligibility. Anyone interested in becoming a Grantee is required to (i) complete the Grantee application process here, (ii) receive Program participation approval from an authorized Linode representative, and (iii) not revoke or rescind Grantee's agreement to any provision of the TOS or this Policy.
  4. Grantee Responsibilities. Grantee agrees, at the time of applying for participation in the Program and, if approved by Linode, for the duration of the Grantee’s participation in the Program if, to the following obligations:4.1. Be a charitable organization recognized under 26 U.S.C. 501(c), or substantially similar statutory provision under the laws of Grantee’s corporate jurisdiction;4.2. Be a registered charitable organization registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, or substantially similar regulatory agency authorized by the laws of Grantee’s corporate jurisdiction;

    4.3. Will only use Grant Benefits in furtherance of the Project or Projects described in Grantee’s Program application and approved by Linode;

    4.4. Will submit to biennial auditing to determine if Grant Benefits are being used in furtherance of the applicable Project or Projects; and

    4.5. Will not sell, resell, assign, or transfer Grant Benefits, or any Linode Services arising from or related to the Program, to any other party.

  5. Collaboration. Grantee and Linode (each a “Promoter”) shall each be permitted to display, integrate, or otherwise incorporate the other Party’s image, likeness, name, logo, or other identifying information on Promoter’s website, subject to each Party’s written recission of this privilege.
  6. Termination. Grantee’s participation in the Program may be terminated and made null, void, and have no effect by either Party at any time upon prior written notice. In the event of a termination by Linode, Grantee shall not be entitled to any outstanding Grant Benefits, if any, and Grantee shall have thirty (30) days to migrate content or convert to status as a standard Linode customer.
  7. Remedies. This Policy provides Grantee’s sole and exclusive remedy for any dispute or loss arising from Grantee’s participation in the Program.
  8. Amendment. This Policy is attached to amends the Provider Terms solely with respect to the subject matter herein. In the event of any conflict of terms between this Policy, the MSA, DPA, and AUP, the controlling order of priority shall be as follows: the AUP, DPA, Policy, and MSA.
  9. Changes. Modifications to this Policy may be made at any time and you should check back frequently for any changes. Linode shall have the right and ability to amend this Policy at Linode's sole and absolute discretion, and any amendments herein shall be effective within fourteen (14) days of being posted by Linode.