Where is my hosting Control Panel?

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I am coming from another Hosting provider. Where is the control panel to set up my web sites, FTP in to upload files, set up my database, buy SSL certificates, etc.

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Linode.com is an infrastructure provider, We provide Virtual Linux Servers, called Linodes. This is different from web hosting providers that provide limited access to directories and services on a server already set up specifically to host web sites. We have guides on setting up your own web server.

With a Linode you have much more control over how you setup your services which are not limited to web hosting. You can also setup game servers, run all kinds of applications, do software development. However, if you are focused on web hosting, you are not limited to your choice of how you host your site and more.

If you are coming from a web hosting provider, you can find guidance on how to migrate your site to Linode

By default there is no Control Panel installed on your Linode when you create it. Once you follow our Getting Started Guide and our Securing your Server Guide, you can install a control panel if you would like. Here are even more resources.

Linode is not a registrar, meaning we not sell domain names, however you can use domain names purchased elseware on Linode.

Likewise, Linode does not sell SSL Certificates, but provides guides for obtaining free certificates from Let's Encrypt and obtaining commercially signed certificates.

Ок. Thanks. Still question: your experts assist in setup of the web server and the cPanel installation for further management of files, database, domain zones, etc.?

They don't assist in setup of any kind - they don't have access to your machine. They provide the virtual machine and root access, the rest is up to you to configure. They can probably answer some of your configuration questions, but typically those sort of questions are better asked here on the community site.

@ledclothingstudio you might want to check out Linode Managed.


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