Phishing Emails Targeting Linode Customers

We have recently been made aware of a set of phishing emails circulating to customers as well as non-customers. These emails appear to be sent from Linode and reference declined payments. This correspondence did not originate from Linode, nor did Linode authorize its creation or distribution, and we are working to stop these emails from being sent by this unauthorized 3rd party.

If you receive an email referencing a declined payment, please do not click any of the links. Instead, navigate to your Cloud Manager account and check your account balance status from there. You are also welcome to contact Linode Support if you would like to confirm your account status.

In the event that you logged into the link in the email, we recommend changing your Linode login information immediately:

Reset Password

If you believe your Linodes may have been compromised, you should also reset their root passwords:

Reset Linode Root Passwords

We also recommend that you consider enabling 2FA for an additional layer of security:

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

We are working to prevent these phishing campaigns from recurring in the future. Information about how we are working to further secure our platform in relation to these phishing emails can be found in the following Community threads:

Spear Phishing Email

Phishing Warning

If you'd like to send along full email headers for any phishing email received, they can be sent via ticket or to [email protected]

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