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Not a question, just a word of advice to the community. I've received a phishing email today which pretends to be from Linode about a declined payment. Not sure if it's pure random chance or if the phishers have some how got hold of a list of Linode users.

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My website hosted on Linode has several email addresses listed on the "contact us" page. All of these addresses received the phishing email. Linode itself has no knowledge of many of these email addresses.

So my assumption is that they have scanned sites in Linode's IP range, scraped all email addresses from the sites and sent the phishing email out to all addresses found.

@overlookmotel I think your theory could be right.
We have also had these messages arriving to email accounts listed in staff directory pages on our site and other addresses published on the site but these accounts have never been associated with Linode

I got the email as well.

Hey, I just wanted to share that we've responded in this other Community post. Thanks!


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