Urgent Request For Instance Recovery - Aap-488ex

I am writing to urgently request assistance with the recovery of the instance "aap-488ex" which was unfortunately deleted. As a crucial part of our infrastructure, it is imperative that we recover this instance as soon as possible to minimize disruption to our operations.

We understand that instance recovery can be a complex process, but we are hopeful that with your expertise and support, it will be possible to restore the deleted instance. Our team is eager to provide any necessary information or assistance to facilitate the recovery process.

Given the urgency of this matter, we kindly request expedited attention to this request. If there are any specific steps or information needed from our end, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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Since this is an urgent issue, I suggest calling the Support Team to talk with someone about your options:

U.S. 855-454-6633
Global +1-609-380-7100

Generally speaking, if the instance was deleted a few days ago or less, a Recovery Image created by the Linode system should be available on your account. You can then deploy that to a new Linode.

If the instance was deleted prior to that, you will need to have a stored backup in order to redeploy it as Linode does not store data longer than the timeframe mentioned for Recovery Images.


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