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Linux is the kernel that powers the cloud. This section contains content related to Linux, Linux distributions, web servers, and system administration.

The Power of $PATH in your Hands | DevOps Tools at your Fingertips

In this video, Gardiner explains the $PATH variable in Linux, including how to modify the PATH variable and it's many benefits for DevOps!
Josh from Keep It Techie talks about the exa command, which replaces the ls command in Linux and features color coded listings.

exa Replaces the ls Command in Linux | Color Coded File Lister

@KeepItTechie covers the exa command, a modern replacement for the ls command written in the Rust programming language.
Jay LaCroix shows how to install and configure a NFS Linux file server and client.

How to Install and Configure an NFS Linux Server and Client

In this video, Jay shows you how to set up your own NFS client/server and how to use AutoFS to mount NFS shares on-demand.
Brandon from TechHut shows how to use screen and run terminals inside of terminals.

Run Terminals INSIDE Terminals with the screen Command on Linux

The screen command is a tool that lets you launch and use multiple shell instances from a single SSH connection.

Supercharged Linux Commands | bat Makes cat Even More Useful

In this video, Jay dives into the bat commands features such as Syntax highlighting, line numbers shown as output, and git integration.
df and du commands with Jay LaCroix

Linux df and du Commands How to Check Linux Disk Space Usage

In this video, @LearnLinuxTV will show how to use the df and du commands in Linux to check the disk space used.
The diff command with Jay LaCroix

Compare Files in Linux How to Use the diff Command

In this video @LearnLinuxTV will show you how to use the basic syntax of the "diff" command and how it can be used to compare files.

How to Access & Read Linux Log Files For Information and Troubleshooting

In this video, @LearnLinuxTV will show how to access various log files on Linux to help troubleshoot and give system information.

12 More Life Changing Linux Commands | Linode

As a follow-up to our first command line tips video, here are 12 more commands that will forever change the way you use Linux!
Jay LaCroix sitting down at a desk with the text tar command next to him, along with the Linode logo in the top right.

How to Use Tar on Linux | Command Line Tips from Linode’s Top Docs

tar provides a standard interface for bundling files on Linux. In this video, @Learn Linux TV shows how to use tar in the command line.
Jay LaCroix with the text Linux Memory and Swap being used as a title, along with a picture of a penguin, hard drive, and computer RAM, and the Linode logo.

Linux Server Swap and Memory Usage Top Docs from Linode

In this video, @Learn Linux TV will show you how to monitor how much memory is on your Linux server with HTOP and what swap memory is.
Jay LaCroix seated next to the title text DNF Package Manager featuring the Linode logo in the top right corner.

Essential Guide to the dnf Package Manager in Linux

In this video, Jay LaCroix teaches you about the dnf package manager, install and update packages, and remove unnecessary ones.