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I've been trying to setup services for my copy of DarkFire IRCd ( using Anope ( but I'm failing real fast. The DFIRCd says I should use the Dreamforge protocol for the services, and did. However, services always reports back "connection refused".

I've set up IRCd's prior to this, but never with services. I thought the C/N lines were correct. Maybe someone could give me pointers? :P

Edit: The copy of Bahamut IRCd won't run. Bleh. It starts up and dies with no warning. :( So I'm sticking with DarkFire.

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Getting 'connection refused' from services means there is nothing listening at the port/host you are trying to connect to.

Check where you are trying to connect to in services.conf, and make sure your ircd is listening on that port/host (try connecting to the exame same host and port yourself. If you can't, services won't be able to either).

With regards to bahamut, again, same problem. Bahamut will die silently if it can't bind to the ports/hosts you specify in ircd.conf - what you should do is turn on SYSLOG error logging in ./config, recompile, restart, run the ircd, and then check your /var/log/messages (or whatever syslog files you use) for the errors that are causing bahamut to fail.

Good luck.

If you need any more help, I'm on #shells as 'Ashen', and run bahamut, so could probably help you out.


Yeah. I actually got it up and running by May 10, after I got the hang of what C/N lines actually meant. Thanks for the offer to help, though! :D


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