Consider a $60 dollar plan perhaps/Custom pricing?

I'm not a rich man, but I love Linode.

The customer service for me has been magnificent, and the service perfectly reliable.

I'll be sticking around, but the praise aside, I was wondering if you might consider starting a(some) mid-range package(s).

60$, same features as the 4 gb plan, but with 6gb's of ram. That's really what I need.

I'm a game server nerd and more ram for me is quite tasty. I am considering starting a new 10 dollar linode to run my web site and leave the old resources in excess towards my server doings, but as I'm low traffic on that end, it would serve me better to have a little extra whomp to run things.

Might this be something you'd consider in the future?



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Linode used to have a $60 plan, but they removed it some time back. I believe the main reason they cited was to reduce overhead of having to maintain another plan (each plan has server hosts dedicated to it - they don't mix 2 GB and 4 GB Linodes on the same physical host). So it's unlikely that we'll be seeing a return of that plan, but I suppose anything is possible.

Ah well. Shame. (For me anyway lol)

I do appreciate you getting back to me.

I look forward to giving Linode more money anyway ;)


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