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Apologies if this has been asked before. Several hours of searching did not produce any answers, at least that which I understood…

I have several domains hosted via my Linode. I need the ability to a) allow mail servers to validate the point of origin of an email to prove it is not spam and b) allow system admins to communicate with customers. These domains will be limited as to whom has be ability to access the email accounts, i.e. not a large number of users.

I tried following one of the guides … n-centos-5">

My final result with this I am able to send emails from the server via mailx and I can send emails to the primary domain users from gmail.

I can not send emails from a remote mail client however.

Additionally I am receiving errors from gmail when I attempt to send any mail to a user of the virtual account.

Can someone tell me if there is a guide on configuring Postfix / DoveCot to support imap and smtp for virtual domains?

Does anyone have a script (php or bash) for creating virtual email accounts?

Thank you greatly for your time and assistance!


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A good starting place would be the guide to Postfix, Dovecot and MySQL: … -and-mysql">

It's based on virtual mailboxes, so mail users don't need a system account. It can be tweaked to use system accounts for mailboxes, but the default configuration for Dovecot won't let a user connect if their system account is locked so they can't log in with a password. That should be fixable with a few minor tweaks to the PAM configuration.


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