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I have Ubuntu 14.x installed and and have two site running on the server. All good. both sites are for clients and have been running for a while. But when I try to add our companies website it breaks one of the premising sites.

So for clarity we have two existing sites, lest call them



which are working

Lets say my company website is


now when I activate fredsmith.com jimboob.com maps to fredsmith.com and brakes.

the document paths for each site in the conf files are




why when I enable fredsmith.com does it change the document path for jimbob.com I have no idea.

If I disable out company site and in the browser type in fredsmith.com it displays jimbob.com

What is strange is that the third site sherlyjones.com behaves correctly

I've never seen this problem before and not sure where the problem is.

Any suggestions of help would be appreciated.

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Since you've obfuscated any useful info, I'd guess a typo, check VERY CAREFULLY that all the site names, URL's and paths are spelled correctly.

Thanks, I'm feeling rather stupid ATM. It was a typo, A cant believe I didn't see it.


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