public_html : permission denied


I have a simple web server setup for some websites, with a layout something like:

site1: /var/www/site1/public_html/

site2: /var/www/site2/public_html/

I have previously used the root user to create directory.

Now i can't send file to my public_html i got permission denied.

How to put my files.


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You need to use the "chown" command (and maybe, if I'm allowed to say it, a short course on Unix, as that's a really elementary question).

Hi All!

I know this question has popped up a couple times, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer to my issue, so please bear with me. I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 setup in VirtualBox for PHP development and testing (Drupal plus other PHP sites using Yii framework). Thank you, keep in touch with me… :)


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