Frankfurt Datacenter (beta)

Frankfurt Datacenter (beta)

We are pleased to announce that we are seeking beta testers for our newest datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany! Before you start brushing up on your German, you will need to know a couple of things first:

* We have a limited number of slots.

  • You will only be able to create and migrate KVM based Linodes.

  • This is a beta test so we advise against bringing production systems at this time.

If you wish to enroll, simply create a ticket using the link provided below and a member of our amazing Support team will enable it on your account. You will have the ability to create new Linodes in Frankfurt and migrate KVM-based Linodes. … urt%20Beta">

If you encounter an issue while conducting your testing, please create a support ticket containing a detailed explanation of the problem. Please include steps to recreate the issue if applicable. Thank you for your part in helping us make the Frankfurt launch a reality!


Michael Rosabal

Linode Operation Team

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Heads up– we'll be doing final verification of our network's high availability in the near future, which essentially means cutting power/connectivity to various pieces of equipment in a controlled fashion. While we don't believe that this will cause any user-visible impact, we won't know for sure until we test :)

I'll follow up with exact times early tomorrow morning, so watch this space.

We've decided to start around 8am EDT (GMT-4), finishing at around 12pm EDT. Again, while we don't foresee any issues, there may be brief (5-10 minutes) periods of downtime.

Testing has been completed at this time :)


Network Engineer


Hi guys,

Really pleased to hear the new DC is almost ready. The reliability and connectivity of London has proved to be outstanding, but we definitely want to diversify our European server locations.

In light of issues identified with KVM (, do you plan to support Xen in Frankfurt?


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