Linode Images: Rebuilding on a full Linode fails


While testing the Linode Images feature, I came across something rather interesting. On a Linode which was using all of its storage with a single deployment, rebuilding from an image failed.

You do not have enough unallocated storage to create this Disk (815 requested, but only 0

I first had to manually remove all disks before rebuilding, which seemed redundant since rebuilding is supposed to wipe all data and begin fresh again, I believe. However, if I'm deploying from one of Linode's distributions, it succeeds. I assume if I started with an empty Linode, that would also succeed. I'm assuming this has something to do with the Linode Images feature and how it goes about things, since rebuilding only failed using that.

Thanks for all the cool features, I'm having fun playing!


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Thank you for the feedback, have you brought this up with our support team directly yet? I think it would be great to open a ticket with them so they have access to your account and try to figure out what could be different that is causing this behavior.


I have not done so, though it's something I probably ought to do. Since I didn't consider it too important, I just decided to post here. I'll have to run some more tests at some point and send them one, assuming I still experience the same problem when I do that.



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