Wheezy Backports - Can someone tell me how to update?

Recently I tried to do apt-get update on my Debian 7.4 Linode. It said it couldn't find the place to get the updates. I don't know a lot of Linux lingo, so I'm not sure how it worded it.

So I searched online, updated my packaged areas, and then upgraded. It crashed my Linode and I had to restore from backups.

So…before I royally screw up again, can anyone tell me how to have the right stuff entered for my Linode 7.4 Wheezy server?

Much appreciated!

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for normal Debian Wheezy update/upgrade is working fine. Just make sure you have wheezy in /etc/apt/sources.list

May be you have just stable? In this case the actual stable is Jessie.

I don't know about backports, I am not using them, just make sure wheezy is used there as well.



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