Following Linode Securing Your Server setup instructions

When I tried

sudo service ssh restart

I'm getting:

ssh stop/waiting
ssh start/running, process 4070

Why is this and how can I make it restart?

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That's what it shows when ssh is restarted. That means it was successful. \o/

4070 is the new PID, can check it with ps auxf

After securing the server I can't upload files because the ftp client doesn't write sudo before sending commands. How can I get around this? How are people uploading their files?

sftp or scp. why would it need to run sudo?

I was following the instructions here: … our-server">

If you scroll down a bit you'll see "Disabling SSH Password Authentication and Root Login". This makes it so I have to run sudo. Currently I can log on with a ftp client but I can't upload/overwrite anything. Now I can only log on using SSH Key pair authentication which makes it a lot more secure but I can't update the files easily. I currently have to change folder ownership then upload files and then revert the ownership back. I was wondering how people get around this?

I've already tried uploading files via sftp or scp and it didn't work but I'm open to suggestions on how others have done it (without constantly having to change ownership of folders and what not).

are you trying to update files owned by root via FTP? if so, why do you need to update root owned files so often? Content shouldn't be owned by root. Config shouldn't need to be updated that often.

Yes, root owns the files. I need to test to see if everything looks right before it goes up on the main server. So I should change ownership to a non root user? I don't think I'm following, can you explain in more detail?

Hey thanks, I changed the owner for the public folder to my user and everything works well for copying files over. Now I just have figure out how to get Incrond Inotify to work with current permissions. You wouldn't happen to be familiar with it would you?


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