Awaiting activate account

Hi, I signed up and was billed on thursday, and am curious when i will be able to start using the account and beging setting up.

My login is herculesjr

thanks for your attention

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I sent you your activation notice earlier today. Can you check if you received it?



Chris - I was going to send you a note earlier, but I too missed how to get started when I opened my account. I am used to getting a welcome email that has a server address and other startup information.

With, you simply log into the member area using the user id and password you signed up with, after you get the notification of account activation. It finally dawned on me that I was all set to go, hours after I got the email.

You might want to add a link in the email, pointing to the member area, just to make sure new users know how to get started.

Thanks for your suggestion. I agree the welcome email is lacking in detail. I have a pretty good idea of what info should be in there, very much along the lines of what you suggested, plus a link to the forums, the IRC chat channel that we hang out in, a quick "getting started" guide, and also have it be personalized, to include your username, IPs, host, etc.

Thanks for the nudge :)


i don´t find the email…

you are sure ?!?!?!?!

please ! i need this!

herculesjr - You could just go to the member login and trying using the userid and password you included in your sign uo info.

May 28 15:03:20 nova sendmail[9770]: i4SJ3KWK009770: from=, size=811, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<001201c444e5$ed917930$0201a8c0@hawk>, proto=SMTP, relay=(removed) [(removed)]

May 28 15:03:23 nova sendmail[9773]: i4SJ3KWK009770: to=, delay=00:00:03, xdelay=00:00:03, mailer=esmtp, pri=30449, relay=(removed). [(removed)], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (i4SItohl019819 Message accepted for delivery)

Yup. it went straight out.

At any rate, just try logging in with your username and password you used when you registered.



ok…. tnkz.. this works!!! :D

I thought that it would receive an email..


sir caker, i am also awaiting activation, i signup last May 28, 2004 and recieved payment reciept same day, but i still cant login at members section, if you need confirmation you can call me anytime at the number i specified at registration.

my login is darkvice

thanks in advanced

What is the average waiting time for activation?

A friend of mine signed up for a linode 64 and was activated within a few minutes. I've been waiting 4 hours (payment received) any idea when i'll get my linode?

I'm itching to log in :D

I think it (time to activation) varies depending on what the staff is doing at the time. I was activated in less than an hour. Sometimes it takes longer, I think.

Just signed up; waiting for activation now - already got the receipt :)

Guess I'll go grab some food in the meanwhile!


Just signed up; waiting for activation now - already got the receipt :)

Guess I'll go grab some food in the meanwhile!
All new accounts were activated this afternoon.



I have buy a linode 64 yesterday and I can't log in on linode members witch this login/pass, when will be set free for me?

tnkz, Hercules

i got an ccount like 45 minutes ago nd can not log in. login hookmanx. how long will it take please?

I would also appreciate it if you guys could activate my account asap :)

login: jsidhu

Thanks! Cant wait to get into my news system!

How long does it usually take? I opened my account this morning at around 9 am and I still haven't recieved any confirmation of activation. I have received my payment receipt.



Username Cteodorski

Aye same here. Still waiting and waiting :P

Username: stevelam

I'd love to join and get access. Read all the dox unt so weiter ^_^

  • alspacka
Linode Staff

@alspacka You should be all set! Let us know if you have any questions.


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