Are My Linodes on same physical machine??

Is there a way I can keep my linodes on different physical machines in same datacenter? How to check them if they are on different machines?

This is important because, we notice sometimes Linode palnned maintenance downtime. If all my linodes are on same machine all my services goes down during the linode planned maintenance of that machine.

It is very important to maintain zero-downtime to my customers, so if one physical machine goes down, we can run our service from another physical machine, if my linodes on different machines.

At this point of time we can't afford to run a copy of services on another datacenter. Let me know your suggestions, options, opinions etc.

Thanks in advance


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It says in the manager on the individual linode page which host that specific one is on. e.g. dallas974. Right side of the page under the storage/backup sections.

You can also open a ticket and ask support.


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