I'm back!

I'm back. Not that anyone cares, but i love Linode when i actually need it.

Having my own server out there is good enough on its own, but i need a reason to actually get me to get one. In this case, it was FF Sync 1.1. I really dislike Chromefox and finally had enough at FF29, so, i'm struck at FF28 for now, at least until i find a decent variant that also runs on a mac. Anyway….

I just logged in and got me a Linode 1024. Haven't set it up yet, but things are different than when i last remember. Hourly charges, cheaper backups, accounts with referral codes and bonuses? I haven't put in that information yet (under the account tab) because its just different, and maybe i can offer someone a chance to refer me. (Is that even ethical, after i'm already here?)

Preloading sound like prepaid, but why offer $50 credit? I mean, really, that much for paying a few dollar ahead of time?

Anyone else setup a Sync 1.1 server?

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Any thought on the financial part? The sync server is working now.

Welcome back to Linode, chacham1. You may have given me an idea for something new to install on my project Linode. Firefox Sync under my own control would be a massive plus for me.

As for the financial aspect, the hourly billing actually works out better for a lot of use case scenarios. You'll get billed the same as the old monthly prices if you have a Linode running for the full month, but you won't have to pay a month in advance if you just need something quick and dirty. Need a server with a ridiculous core count to do something CPU intensive for an hour? Spin up an 96GB for 60 minutes and add less than 2 bucks to your bill at the end of the month!

As for credits, I'm guessing that you received one of our convention or hackathon credits recently. Linode loves giving back to those who want to try new and exciting projects on our service, it helps turn loyal customers into real fans. That's just one little way of supporting our community.

As a member of Linode's documentation team, I'd love to see any notes you've got on your Sync server setup. Better yet, if you're interested in turning it into a guide, we can throw a bit more Linode credit your way! We offer $250 in Linode credit for community written guides that are published in our Guides and Tutorials (https://www.linode.com/docs). If you're interested in writing a guide, take a gander at our contribute page and associated guides, and send us over a draft article!




The guide at https://docs.services.mozilla.com/howto … run-sync11">https://docs.services.mozilla.com/howtos/run-sync.html#howto-run-sync11 is pretty simple. Regardless, it's old sync, who wants that? (Besides me. :) ) Not that i'd mind $250…

The credit is the one on the page: http://postimg.org/image/4os3z9gsj/

So, i put on $5 and get $55? Anything else to consider?


So, i put on $5 and get $55? Anything else to consider?

If you're signing up for a new account and using one of our current promotional codes, yup!

Nothing else to consider, except what to use all those sweet sweet Linodes for.

I take that back. The guide is not simple. :)

Making progress though.


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