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I am attempting to set up a server on my linode. However I do not know a whole lot about Linux or SQL. I am very willing to learn and have been doing some studying but if anyone could help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it. I can give you more information, I just dont know how to explain it all at the moment. Thank you for your time :)

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What type of server you are trying to setup ? If you are not familiar with commandline i suggest you to go with a control panel like cpanel or plesk

It is a game server. A game called Astonia 3. They released their source code and I want to host a server. I used to do some scripting and commandline but it's been a while.

You should definitely follow the Getting Started guide here. If things sound unfamiliar and you're curious, use a search engine to look up a concept like "ssh", for example.


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