Anyone running php7 on their linode?

Hi I am wondering if anyone is running php 7 on their linode, and if there are any issued with it?

Also are there any guides for installing php7 on to your linode?


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There are no specific issues running PHP 7 on Linode per se. Your particular distribution may introduce some caveats. Most do not have PHP7 in their mainline packages leaving you to determine the best method to install.

dotdeb offers an attempt at a seamless approach for Debian. The maintainer attempts to keep inline with packaging conventions such that when the official is released official will just take its place. If you are using Debian you might look here:

dotdeb is not officially supported by Debian it is a third party repository. I offer it as an option.

In Debian, use dotdeb as jeremye77's recommended.

In Ubuntu, use ondrej's PPA.

In CentOS, use remi-php70.

In Arch Linux, just install PHP and you're covered.

Those four will probably account for 99% of Linodes. DO NOT compile from source if you're covered by one of the above.

Ubuntu 16.04 now has PHP 7 as the default so that's good news there.

Apache is pretty broken in 16.04, and I cannot event get my site to work properly. I have Xenforo and the problem is that apache only works with one page, and will have permission errors.

I installed PHP7 on Ubuntu using ondrej's PPA, following this guide: … untu-14-04">

6 Drupal, 5 Wordpress sites running on PHP7.

I recommend using PHP7. It's much faster than PHP5.6.

My configuration is:





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