RDS and EFS alternatives

I've been with Linode for a few years and have been very satisfied with everything.

I'm creating a new project with Magento 2 and I'm really liking Amazon's RDS for database hosting and EFS for sharing files between multiple servers.

I do have a db running on Linode right now with a slave, but I don't know very well how to switch over from master to slave in case of an issue. I'd rather let someone else worry about that stuff.

The reason for EFS is I need to share image files between different servers, and it seems that there are issues when mounting S3 as a mounted drive.

I was hoping Linode would have alternatives to these services by now, but not sure what to do.

Wondering how other people are handling management of these issues:

1) Database management

2) Media management (5-10 GB's worth)


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I was also just now looking at EFS and thinking it looks cool. Currently I might fire up an sshfs mount or use Filezilla to move files, but I'd like to have a shared folder from onsite to cloud for about 10 wordpress sites. Ideally with a Galera cluster of Mariadb servers onsite and in the cloud.

You may have success sharing files onsite to your WordPress sites using a file sharing application like OwnCloud or even DropBox. With each of these you can create a mount point on your linux server to allow access to your files.

This article titled Creating a local ownCloud mount point in Linux using WebDAV explains how to mount OwnCloud using webdav, however, you may need to purchase an enterprise license.


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