Setting up a new Linode.

Hi Guys, Im setting up my own Linode. Well at least attempting to.

Can you please advise on the best set up. I had my Old linode built for me, but its about time I learnt to do my own. My old setup was centos 07, With Lightspeed, php and mysql.

Can you advise on best setup for a Newbie to use please ??

I run Wordpress websites (3) and 3 xenforo forums.

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Even a Hello would be nice ??

Hello :P

Never heard about lightspeed (unless you refer to 299792458 meters per second).

You probably mean litespeed (which seems to be a proprietary apache-compatible web server, according to Wikipedia).

(Never heard about this one either).

Simple question: Do you really really need Apache compatibility just to run PHP?

If not, I would consider nginx instead.


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