Fastmail used with XenForo?

My server was recently hacked and used to generate spam and a brute force attack. The server was terminated and removed. I have started from scratch.

Is it possible to use a third party email service such as Fastmail for sending email confirmations during user signup and sending infrequent emails through Xenforo?

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Sparkpost provides a good transactional mail service. There's a free tier that'll probably serve your needs.

Very nice. I will look into it.

Thank you!

Postfix can be configured to relay outgoing mail through another host. This works with Gmail and pretty much any mailbox provider. You should check if yours imposes any rate limits first.

I use Amazon SES for smtp emails in Xenforo - works well :)


I use Amazon SES for smtp emails in Xenforo - works well :)

FYI, it appears some (a lot?) of sites block amazonses due to the spam coming from their IP blocks: … s-as-spams">

Well it can happen on most 3rd party SMTP providers too. I've only had once SNS reported bounce/block IP in SES in past 2 years

example … 2&tstart=0">

> Hello,

We are sorry that you experienced deliverability problems using Amazon SES. We do work closely with mailbox providers and blacklist operators, and carefully monitor the reputation of our IP address space. Whenever possible, we work directly with these providers to identify and mitigate such threats in parallel with our own routine compliance processes to remove offending users from our system. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a guarantee or timeframe, because the list operator sets their own listing and delisting policy.

Please note that the appearance of an Amazon SES IP address on a blacklist does not always affect your sending as an Amazon SES customer. If your sending is affected, you will most commonly get an indication via a bounce message that your mail is being rejected due to a listing on a blacklist. In most of these cases, you will see the name or URL of the blacklist in the bounce message. For example, “Message rejected due to IP listed on RBL SORBS/SPAMCANNIBAL”. If you do not see these types of messages in your bounces, it is unlikely that a listing is affecting your sending."

Please feel free to share the bounce messages if any with us so that we can check this up further.

I use Amazon for other web services. Thanks for the setup info link. I will check it out.




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