Make a Payment - via PayPal (beta)

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Make a Payment - via PayPal (beta)

What is it?

This allows you to use PayPal to add credit into your Linode account.

Where is it?

It's under the Account -> Make a Payment tab.

Update 2016-07-19: the feature is enabled for everyone now - no need to open a support ticket.

– For now, since it's in beta, you will need to first open a ticket to get the feature enabled in your account. Once enabled, it will appear on the Make a Payment tab. –

Can you auto-bill me through PayPal?

Unfortunately no. We can't automatically transfer funds from your PayPal account, so you will need to keep enough credit on your account to cover your next invoice. Our system will always attempt to collect any remaining balance from your credit card on file, so you must stay in front of it if you intend on only paying via PayPal.

This has been a frequently requested feature, so please do let us know what you think. Beta feedback is always appreciated!



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I'm excited to have this feature! I've wanted PayPal payments for a long time now, though it's a shame you can't automatically charge the PayPal account. I presume that probably has something to do with how PayPal handles things, though, but iTunes and other services can automatically charge PayPal for me, so perhaps it'll be a future setup.

If only paying through PayPal, will there be an option to remove a credit card from your account and receive email notifications in advance of an invoice? One could configure such emails to be a day, two days, ten days in advance, and the estimated payment needed could be calculated based on current linode's, or some way of calculating based on current account activity with Linode's. Or, there could be a grace period to pay your invoice through PayPal of a day or two if you didn't have a credit card on the account. Just thought I'd throw out some ideas, if automatic PayPal payments couldn't be set up for some reason.

Thanks for this beta, I hope it works well!


This sounds good. I'm hoping eventually you can have it setup a billing arrangement that would allow a person to setup automatic payments via paypal.


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