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A CDN for the Linode community is launching soon! is a high performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) powered by Linode's awesome SSD servers and network, and built by loyal Linode users. Pricing is $7/month + $0.02/GB for global content delivery, and includes:

  • Linode powered edge servers

  • HTTP/2 ready

  • Instant cache purge

  • Free shared SSL and certificate hosting

  • Low latency live streaming and VOD

  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

  • Unlimited domains

  • RTMP to multi-bitrate HLS

  • DRM protection via API auth

  • Hotlink whitelists

  • Customizable cache paths

  • Customizable path lifetimes

  • Unlimited origins

  • Detailed reports will be launching in September 2016, and right now we're looking for fellow Linode users who would like to join the beta. If you're keen, come sign up!

Thank you, and we'll see you soon! :)

Follow us on Twitter for updates: @nodeboost

Who built

We're a small team with years of experience building enterprise-grade CDNs from the ground up, using open source technologies. We're very excited to be providing the Linode community with its own CDN, and we look forward to hearing your feedback :)

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does it support content delivery to China mainland viaitors? thx

your link is wrong please correct after click on it its goes to

404 error

@517yykk Users in mainland China will be automatically routed to Linode Japan using our GeoDNS.


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