Employer's proxy now blacklisting *.members.linode.com

My employer's corporate proxy is now blacklisting CONNECT requests for *.members.linode.com. Fortunately, I can use alternate DNS names or simple IP addresses. Just a heads up.

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Not very useful since we have no clue how or what your employer uses for blacklisting on their proxy or how they are getting rules.

I wasn't looking for help. My employer has 10s of thousands of employees. The proxy uses NTLM authentication and some errors appear to be generated from Squid.

There is a reputation blacklist that is in common use by employers and I believe that particular domain address gets blocked. It works by IP and another DNS name because whatever they tend to use to employ the list only checks by literal domain or IP accessed. I have 2 domains on the same IP. One is blocked and the other is not. :/


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