Question about Self-Signed Certificates


I just installed a self-signed certificate intending to use it to make an app on my site https-only.

However I noticed that when I navigate to that app:

1. The browser complains (presumably because the certificate is self-signed).

2. If the browser ends up letting me through it typically shows "Not Secure" on the left side of the URL bar.

So I'm wondering:

1. Is it always this way with self-signed certificates?

2. Can I assume that I really am connected via SSH and that the "Not Secure" simply refers to the fact that the Certificate is Self-signed?

3. Is it the case that the only way to eliminate this "Not Secure" warning is to pay for a commercially-available Certificate with a Chain of Trust?

Thanks for the help.

3 Replies

1. Yes

2. Your browser could probably make an exception, but…

3. You should look into this wonderful thing called Let's Encrypt.

You can add an exception to get rid of the warning- not an issue as it's your cert. That said, is really the way to go.

Yes, thanks for the advice about LetsEncrypt.


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