Linode CDN - now in open beta is a Content Delivery Network powered by Linode and is maintained by an experienced team of content delivery professionals. It's now in open beta, so jump across and give it a try at

We very much look forward to hearing your feedback so that we can continue to improve the product. See you soon! :)

Follow us on Twitter for updates: @nodeboost

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I have used Nodeboost in the past + recently re-subscribed as I needed a little extra live streaming capacity. Looks like they've added some good "live" CDN stats for live streaming purposes like I suggested a year or so back.

The company is associated with GriffinMAS and "ninajatunnel" which both seem to have been mothballed.

Nodeboost is still operational (and still supported) but seems it may be winding down too — anonymous support channel and inactive Intercom bot.

Pity… cos it's a pretty low cost way to get decent geo-distributed service without dealing with the pain of DNS yourself.

Too bad to hear is winding down… And I was just about to use them. I'm looking for a flat rate or <$10/mo CDN that is not going to kill my SEO like free CloudFlare does to a lot of people. I also wonder about an embedded component of my site using a different CDN that my site - and if this would matter.

@davidlowry @ContinuousIntegration Apologies for the hiatus! Rest assured that Nodeboost is alive and well. We've resurrected @nodeboost on Twitter and will be posting updates as we roll out new CDN POPs in Linode's Sydney and Mumbai data centers. Exciting times ahead! :)

as of today, I still cannot access nodeboost.

as of today, I still cannot access nodeboost.


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