Slashdot Effect

I am just curious. Has anybody here been slashdotted before? How did your linode handle it?


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Never experienced it, but I hear that the Apache module mod_throttle helps somewhat when this happens.

Yeah, that's one of my greatest fears… I mean, on one hand you want to create really cool web content, on the other hand getting slashdotted could be painful. :)

Of course, the Slashdot effect isn't what it used to be, allegedly.

Now you need to wory about getting Slashdotted, Farked, Boingboinged, etc. in parallel. :/

I actually got curious lately about what would happen if I got linked from a high-traffic site. From what I can tell, it's at least 60,000-100,000 hits / hr. So you can always use a load-testing package to see if Apache crashes or not. I think it probably depends on what plan you have and how sophisticated your pages are.

Thanks for the replies.

Maybe somebody should post about our great experiences with Linode and find out :) runs on UML also, right?

Holden was linked to from Slashdot at least once in a comment. I know, I was one of the ones who signed up from it. :)


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