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I am hosting a website on Linode and was wondering what is the easiest way to set up an email address like

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Either you host it yourself, which is not easy, or you purchase email hosting from a third-party provider, which is easier but costs you something.

Google & Microsoft will host your domain's email for around $5/month per email account. There are other, similar, trusted email providers at a similar price.

If it's not mission-critical stuff, there are cheaper providers with Black Friday specials, e.g. … d-quantity"> … ers-50-off">

If you want to host it yourself then you need to learn how….

It looks like my domain name registrar (Gandi) provides a free email service.

How do I change the MX records? I've gone to my DNS manager in Linode and clicked the edit button below the mx record but I'm a bit confused about what I need to do after that.

Gandi documentation says
> If you want to use Gandi Mail while keeping the DNS of your current provider, then you will need to contact them and have them change your MX records to the following:

@ 10800 IN MX 10

@ 10800 IN MX 50

- … andi-s-dns">

Linode docs only cover Google Apps for Email


Priority: 10

TTL: 10800


Priority: 50

TTL: 10800

Be sure to include the trailing dot at the end of the hostname.

Thanks for the information sleddog. The TTL dropdown in the DNS manager doesn't have 10800 as an option. Do i just choose the closest one?

I've added the new MX files. Am I meant to delete the old default one or just leave it as is?

You should definitely remove any MX records other than the ones. And yes, setting TTL to the closest value in the dropdown is fine :)


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