No match was found... Reverse DNS must have a matching forward entry that points to

I received this error message when trying to configure reverse DNS. What should I do?

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You need to have a matching forward A record set up first. If you just did that, you'll need to wait for propagation before the system can pick it up to apply a reverse record. This can take a few hours, or up to 24-28 hours in some situations.

Thanks mkorsak. I'm confused by the example Linode give underneath the entry field - Example:

This makes me feel like i'm meant to use the name I put in my /etc/hostname file followed by my url (which still generates the error message).

When I type in just the url of my website (without the hostname beforehand) the reverse DNS works. Is that the right thing to do? : rather than

Any subdomain will work, or root domain. Depends on whatever rDNS entry you need. Most would set it to either the root (, or whatever your FQDN is.


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