Tokyo 2 Datacenter (Beta)

Tokyo 2 Datacenter (beta)

We are opening up our Tokyo 2 datacenter for beta testing and are seeking beta testers - new and existing customers are free to request access. A few things to keep in mind beforehand:

* Tokyo 2 is KVM only.

  • If this is your first time moving from Xen to KVM this guide can be helpful.

  • All Linodes must be on our latest pricing plans.

  • This is the beta period so we recommend against using this beta for production systems.

How do we sign up?

Open a ticket to request being added to the Tokyo 2 beta.

When can we access the datacenter?

Right now! (The beta started November 9th, 2016)

How do we access the datacenter?

After you enroll in the beta, "Tokyo 2" will be appear in the list of available locations when creating a new Linode. We can also migrate your existing servers to Tokyo 2 through a Support ticket.

What happens to our servers after the beta ends?

Your servers will remain in Tokyo 2, data completely intact.

Please open a support ticket if you encounter an issue while conducting your testing. Include a detailed explanation of the problem and steps to recreate the issue, if applicable. We thank you for joining us through this exciting period!



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