Linode's LoadBalancer + Cloudflare + Sticky sessions


I'm designing the infrastructure for my project and there is one issue that I can't find much information on.

I will be using Cloudflare as the reverse proxy and will send the requests to Linode's Loadbalancer which will distribute over my linodes.

I want to enable session stickiness on Linode's LB but I'm not sure it will work correctly with Cloudflare in front of it.

So this is the question: Is Linode's LB capable of detecting that the real client's IP comes from CF custom http header (See here) and enable sticky sessions properly or this combination wont work at all?


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why not just use Cloudflare's load balancing ?

Been thinking of migrating my setup to Cloudflare's load balancer/traffic manager myself … are.11563/">

there's a problem with cloudflare loadbalance. the affinity session (cookie) not working properly with mobile browser.

if your users require to login and store session, then this will definitely be a problem.


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