Creating an account without a credit card

Why does the register form still ask for credit card details, now that paypal payments are possible? I don't have one and never needed one for anything else before.

It definitely needs to be possible to create an account with a paypal payment, you can do this at digital ocean so there shouldn't be any problems having the same option here…

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The most people use PayPal, because they don't have to sign in with their credit card. I as a student have only a Maestro card, but i can pay via PayPal.

The pricing attracts me; but if i can't log into Linode without a credit card, i don't have another choice to go to Digital Ocean.

And sorry for my bad English.

You could get a prepaid card to sign up with. The card is required in the event that the PayPal account holder disputes a PayPal payment, as PayPal is extremely biased toward the consumer when handling disputes.


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